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All Terrain Vehicles

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All Terrain Vehicles

Two different companies offer ATV tours on Kauai and both will take you over terrain that can't be seen any other way. Your adventure will be even better after or during a rainstorm-fairly common on an island where the wettest spot on Earth is located. On these days plan on getting covered head to toe in mud.

Hali'i Falls This tour occurs on private lands that have never before been open to the public. A three and a half hour backcountry adventure will take you deep into Kauai's interior to the base of Mount Wai'ale'ale.

Your guide will lead you through miles of old cane lands, tropical forests, and jungles rich with magnificent scenery. Cruise to Hali'i Falls vista and park your ATV. After a short hike, arrive at a newly discovered cascading waterfall for a delicious picnic lunch and a refreshing swim. Relax, bask in the sun, or just soak in a natural swimming pool beneath the waterfall. Take one last dip in the water before heading back to home base.

Another company takes you into Kauai's lush, tropical paradise through 22,000 acres of private dirt roads and trails on the south shore of the island.

Old Koloa Mill and Survey Point Tour A scenic 3 hour tour through a working plantation. Explore famous movie sites and enjoy breathtaking mountain and coastline

views, unspoiled tropical landscapes inaccessible to the general public, and a half mile tunnel through the heart of the Haupu mountain range. Learn as knowledgeable guides offer insight about Kauai's rich cultural history and unique plant and animal life.

Don't worry if you forget your camera. Photographs and a CD ROM of your ATV adventure are available for purchase after every tour. Snacks and beverages are provided.

Waterfall Adventure Tour
This four-hour waterfall tour winds through thick vegetation and rugged terrain to not one, but two secluded cascades. Picnic on gourmet sandwiches, chips, cookies and beverages at the base of a private waterfall. Hike through a bamboo forest and swim in refreshing pools.

Be sure to bring your swimsuit, towel, sun block and water-friendly foot ware. This tour takes only six people and fills up quickly, so call us in advance of your stay to make reservations, so you won't be left out.

Mud Hog/Mud Bug If you are under age 16 ( the minimum age to drive an ATV) or just don't want to drive, then the"Mud Hog" is perfect for you. This is a six passenger dune buggy and can accommodate children ages 5 and up. Be prepared to get really muddy on this one since an ATV staffer will be driving. There are also smaller, two passenger "Mud Bugs" if you would like to drive someone in your family.

Pinzgauer Swiss Army Truck This vehicle was originally built rock solid for the Swiss Army and is perfect for groups up to twelve who want to experience the thrill of a back country tour but aren't interested in getting down and dirty in an ATV.

For more info or to book an adventure, call toll free 1.800.427.5996 or email info@kauaivacationhelpers.com

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