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All Terrain Vehicles

Two different companies offer ATV tours on Kauai and both will take you over terrain that can't be seen any other way. Your adventure will be even better after or during a rainstorm-fairly common on an island where the wettest spot on Earth is located. On these days plan on getting covered head to toe in mud. ...
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Car Rentals

A wide variety of car rental companies are available on Kauai and most can be booked over the internet. Use LIH as the airport code or Lihue as the city.
BreezeNet has a web site with coupon specials if you are not already a member of any one company's frequent renter program.  Go to the BreezeNet site first and then use the links within that site to go to Alamo, Budget and National for their discount programs.  Hertz does not discount through BreezeNet.

Under 25 and Want to Rent a Car?
If you're under the age of 25, you know it can sometimes be challenging to rent a car these days.  Not to worry if you're coming to Kauai because Thrifty Car Rental DOES rent to young adults under the age of 25.  For details, go to their website and use LIH as the airport code.  Enter all of your information and at the end of the process select the 'Under 25' option.  That's all there is to it!

Looking for a rock bottom, no frills price?

Rent-A-Wreck - No website, their local phone number is

A tip after you have booked your reservation:
If you are interested in spending a little time to reduce your car rental cost, keep calling back the 800 number of your car rental company. As your date of arrival approaches, the price of your car may have dropped.

DO NOT, however, give the company the phone number under which you made your original reservation.If you do, they will give you the same rate that is already in the computer. Only after getting the new lower price quote should you give them your original confirmation number for your new reservation.

Airline Reservations

Direct Internet Booking

Some terrific websites to search for low air fares if you want to book directly over the internet:

Lowest fares through airline consolidators Lowest internet fare published directly by the airlines Lowest fares with stop over or odd hour departure Lowest fares through airline consolidators

Using A Travel Agent

In addition to the airfare consolidators (discounters) that accept bookings directly from the public, a number of other powerful consolidators deal only with travel agents and can often be the source of extremely low fares. When a travel agent writes you a ticket, always ask them to contact a member of the United States Air Consolidators Association (UACA).  It's almost certain they'll have a better price for your ticket. Here are the websites of the eight members of the UACA that deal only with travel agents:









Two additional members of UACA deal directly with the public as well as with travel agents:



For more info or to book an adventure, call toll free 1.800.427.5996 or email info@kauaivacationhelpers.com

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