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Spectacular Waimea Canyon

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Horseback Riding

All the photos in this section © Dale Rosenfeld

  - Princeville
  - Kalihiwaki Ridge
  - Kapaa
  - South Shore

There are lots of options for horseback adventures on Kauai, spanning the island from the north shore to the south. There is something for everyone, from the first timer to the experienced rider looking for a fast paced adventure. Let us help you choose the horseback riding adventure you've always dreamed about.


Waterfall Picnic Ride

Experience a scenic ride to a perfect Hawaiian waterfall setting that inlcudes a picnic lunch. You'll visit a fern-lined waterfall that plunges into a mountain pool where you can enjoy a cool brisk swim and meditate over its majestic beauty. The waterfall picnic ride lasts approximately four hours and includes riding across ranch land, a short steep 10-minute hike (without your horse) and a relaxing swim and picnic lunch at a majestic waterfall. All riders must be in good physical condition. This is a four hour tour and there is also a three-hour version which is simply one hour less of riding.

Country Horseback Ride

Enjoy a wonderful hour and a half of horseback riding across Princeville Ranch range land, taking in spectacular panoramic views of the magnificent Hanalei Mountains. Top this off with a splendid view of Anini Beach and reef. In the distance you'll see the legendary Bali Hai.

Cattle Drive Horseback Ride

City Slickers Paniolo (Cowboy) Adventure! Experience what it takes to be a real paniolo. Join the Princeville Ranch Cattle Drive. Help round up a herd of cattle at sunrise and drive them across ranch lands to their final resting pen. An unforgettable experience that lasts approximately one and a half hours.

Private Horseback Ride - Your choice of two or three hours.

An exclusive personalized equestrian adventure on Kauai's North Shore. Enjoy a unique and private ride arranged and customized for your own personal adventure. Your choice of two hours or three hours. The three hour tour includes riding to an 80-foot private waterfall. You can relax, swim and enjoy the surrounding beauty.You may include the waterfall visit on the two hour tour or elect to continue riding on our ranch lands.

Kalihiwai Ridge

This horse ranch is located just minutes from the quaint and historic plantation town of Kilauea on Kauai's beautiful North Shore. Bordered on three sides by streams, the ranch lies at the foot of Mount Namahana, and offers trail riding with vistas of some of Kauai's most spectacular peaks.

The Hawaiian Discovery Ride

This leisurely two hour ride explores many peaceful settings. Ride beside winding streams, through paper bark rainforests and among the wild orchids, guavas and other lush foliage. Enjoy fantastic views along the base of Mount Namahana. Includes a beverage service upon return.

The Ride, Swim and Picnic Ride

Ride to a natural mountain pool and a lovely waterfall that sparkles silver in the sunlight. Experience the fragrance of the yellow ginger as the trade winds refresh you with their delicate breezes. Your guide will bring the picnic lunch, and you bring your swimsuit and an appetite.

Private and Custom Rides

Offered to those riders that want private, personal instruction, or who prefer not to ride with a group. Riders that are more advanced and have the experience to allow for a more spirited pace may also want to consider this ride. First time and beginner riders may want to consider this ride to benefit from a one-on-one learning experience. Your ride can be tailored to accommodate your experience level.


Fast Half

On this faster paced three to four hour ride for experienced equestrians, guests trot and canter into a forest reserve. Enjoy panoramic ocean and mountain views, sights of untouched deep lush valleys, and glimpses of fern covered canyons. Taste a guava, smell camphor, and feel the paper bark trees. Edible and medicinal plants are highlighted. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn about Kauai's history and culture.

The Wow Ride

A fast pace five to six hour ride, including trotting and cantering , brings you up into the mountains where looking around you continually say "WOW!!!" Each view is more amazing than the last. Ride on ancient lava flows and see ferns from dinosaur times. Snack on local fruits and nuts while you stretch your legs and mind, and savor the lush beauty surrounding you.

Spiritual Exploration Ride

This five to six hour ride is customized to allow for a guided meditation overlooking Mt. Waialeale. Ride with a higher level of awareness for all that surrounds you on our incredible healing island of Kauai.

It is said that Kauai is the center of a spiritual vortex, and you open yourself to all positive possibilities on this horseback ride. Begin by setting intention, and wrapping Hawaiian salt in a ti leaf. You will carry your talisman with you up into the mountain. On a volcanic ridge looking into the interior of the island, meditate and cast out your ti leaf offering.

This ride can be done at a fast or slow pace, but is best for those who are at least comfortable being on a horse. Two guest minimum, five maximum.

All Day Adventure

On this all day eight hour adventure for the spirit and the spirited, you begin at a brisk pace, trotting and cantering an easy stretch of trail. Then ride up and down the volcanic ridges and across knife passes high in the mountains, with unspoiled views of the interior of Kauai. Spectacular sights await you! After 3 hours in the saddle, arrive at a mountain swimming hole where a deli lunch is served. Guests should bring swim gear and towel; a private changing area is available. On the ride back photo opportunities abound. Extra film is a must for this ride.

The South Shore

Secret Beach Breakfast Ride

Small private groups discover this special time of day with cooler temperatures and the fresh sights, smells and sounds of a new day. Enjoy a packed-in continental breakfast, including juice and gourmet coffee, above a secluded beach. This is a good time to comb the beach for potential treasures. A rest stop is available for those wanting to stretch their legs or take a photo.

Hidden Beach

The most popular and shortest ride, offered twice daily, takes you through the ancient Maha'ulepu area popular to beach goers, wind-surfers, and local fisherman. Experience a variety of scenery and terrain; from pasture ranch land and farm crops to coastal and mountain vistas. Cross over a sand bar and stream, travel past beaches and bays, see native foliage and birds, pass under the tall shady ironwood trees and appreciate the afternoon cool trade wind breezes.

Beach Swim, Picnic Ride

Bring along your swim suits, towels and appetite for the ultimate in horseback riding. Ideal for families and limited to small groups, this includes the best of their other rides. After a safe, invigorating swim, delight to a custom deli sandwich including chips, fruit, refreshments and desert. From here it's a short ride back to the stables.

For more info or to book an adventure, call toll free 1.800.427.5996 or email info@kauaivacationhelpers.com

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