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Ocean Kayaking

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Ocean Kayaking

As the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain, Kauai has had more time for wind and water erosion to create beautiful natural sites. Kayaking has become a very popular way to experience Kauai's beauty and there are many different ways to kayak. You can rent your own kayaks or strap them on the top of your car and off you go. You can go on guided tours, or we can arrange to have your rental waiting at the water for you. Ocean kayaking is definitely an once-in-a-lifetime adventure and only for those with some kayaking experience.

The Na Pali Coast Sea Kayak Tour

If ocean kayaking is for you, then this tour can't be beat! Enjoy 16 miles of the beautiful Napali coastline which are not accessible except by boat or helicopter. Your adventure begins in Poipu where you'll board a van that will take you to the north shore of Kauai. After putting your kayak in the water at Haena, you'll paddle about an hour before reaching the famous sea caves of the Napali. If sea conditions permit, depending on the time of year, you'll explore inside those caves. By mid-morning you'll be ready to raft up your kayak for juice and snacks. Then it's off to your next stop, the ancient fishing village of Milolii, where you'll enjoy lunch. Lunch and refreshments include spring water, juice, snack bars, deli sandwiches and sodas, with a vegetarian option available upon request. There's lot's of room in the kayak, so feel free to bring along additional drinks and snacks- no alcoholic beverages, please.

You will typically arrive at Milolii about 1 or 2 in the afternoon after an 11 mile paddle, so be prepared for a long morning.

After lunch the 4 mile paddle in typically calm waters to Polihale, where you van awaits, will seem like a breeze after your morning paddle. By the time the van brings to back to your starting point in Poipu, you will have circled the entire island. Congratulations!

Please be advised that this trip will provide a good workout and perhaps be a challenge. It is a long and strenuous paddle in typically heavy seas. While this tour is best enjoyed by people who are physically fit and have some basic paddling experience, you may join as a first time kayaker if you consider yourself to be athletically inclined and quick to learn new sports.

Needless to say, the trip is not for non-swimmers. Also if you are prone to severe seasickness this trip is not for you. If you feel that you may get nauseous, but not severely so, you should consider motion sickness medicines such as Bonine, Dramamine, or Triptone, all of which are available over the counter at the nearest drug store.

South Shore Sea Kayak Tour

When the north south has rough waters between mid-September and mid-May, an 8 mile south shore adventure is available. This portion of Kauai's of coast has some of Kauai's most secluded bays and beaches, and you'll make surf landings on three different seldom-seen beaches during your day.

Your adventure begins from the Small Boat Harbor at Kukui'ula in Poipu. You'll soon pass the blow hole at Spouting Horn, which can't be missed because of the spout of water blowing into the sky. A little less than an hour later you'll surf your kayak at the beach at Lawa'i Kai, the ancient site of Queen Emma's Summer Home. Having started this trip early, you'll welcome the hot coffee and muffins your guide offers. There will be plenty of time to enjoy a stroll the beach in the morning light.

Continuing downwind, you'll pass the white sand beaches, barrier reefs, and volcanic craters of Palama's Point. As you paddle downwind, you may see interesting marine life, such as Spinner Dolphin and Honu, (sea turtles), both common in this area. During the months of November through April, you also run the chance of getting a glimpse of migratory Humpback whales.

After 7 miles of paddling, you'll be ready for the lunch break. You'll land at a big protected bay known as Wahi'awa. Your guide will lay out a tasty picnic lunch with a scrumptious brownie for dessert. This location is a very special place to enjoy your lunch, relax and sunbathe. You can also comb the sands of this mile long crescent-shaped bay, play in the water, or snorkel. And if all that sounds like too much activity, just kick back and take a nap. No one will bother you. In the mid-afternoon after a brief paddle, your journey will end when your van driver arrives to take to back to your starting point in Poipu. And what a great day it has been!

For more info or to book an adventure, call toll free 1.800.427.5996 or email info@kauaivacationhelpers.com

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