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Wailua River

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River Kayaking

Kauai is the only Hawaiian Island with navigable rivers, making the island perfect for kayaking. There are many different ways to kayak on Kauai. Want to paddle only down wind? Or do you want a great upper arm workout? Let us help you select the river kayaking adventure that is right for you. You can rent your own kayaks, strap them on the top of your car and off you go. You can go on guided tours, or we can arrange to have your rental waiting at the water for you. Guided trips go up several of the large rivers on the island to secret waterfalls where you can have a picnic lunch. We like to classify the rivers here as "Class 0," so they're perfect for beginners, because there are no rapids to maneuver. There are river kayaking tours that include kayaking as well as hiking (many to beautiful waterfalls). There is a three hour tour that includes an approximately 20 minute paddle down wind, hiking, snacking and rope swinging with a motorized canoe waiting to take you back home up wind. Or there is a 6-hour tour which includes paddling both ways and a hike to a gorgeous waterfall and a hearty lunch. There's a North Shore paddle, hike, waterfall excursion Let us help you sort it all out!

Wailua River Kayak and Waterfall Hike
The large, wide and calm Wailua River is your jumping off point for this adventure. It's a pretty easy downwind paddle upstream before tying your kayak to a tree. Then on to a a one-mile hike up a beautiful trail into a valley, the end of which has a 130' waterfall with a pool at the bottom. Sit on some big boulders around the pool, enjoy your delicious picnic lunch and relax. Later, you'll hike back down the valley to your tandem open cockpit kayaks for some more fun paddling!

Your return trip will be downstream paddling into the trade winds, so be prepared for a bit of a workout on this leg of your journey. With all of its swimming holes, plus native and exotic botanical wonders the Wailua river trip is not to be missed!

Kipu Waterfall Safari-Paddle, Hike, Swing, Zip, Ride
If you're looking for a day that spells adventure for the whole family, then this multi-sport tour is for you! Begin by enjoying an easy 2 mile downwind kayak paddle on a beautiful jungle stream in your two-person, open-cockpit type kayak. Then tie your kayak to a tree and take a short walk to a beautiful area of waterfalls and swimming holes.

The next leg of your journey will have you riding in a custom covered farm wagon, pulled by a big, quiet John Deere 4 wheel drive tractor. This is an adventure to the Kamapua'a Falls trailhead on a unique narrated hayride across Kipu Ranch, a 4,000-acre working cattle ranch. The ranch is home to the paniolo (Hawaiian cowboys). You may spot wild boar, peacocks and pheasant as you cross this huge Ranch.

Then take a short stroll down to an incredible Swiss Family Robinson-style tree house, which is built around a large Banyan tree.From the picnic benches enjoy a delicious catered luncheon while overlooking the middle pitch of the 120' bridal veil Kamapua'a Falls. What a sight to behold!

After lunch, some of you won't want to miss a wild ride on a 275' zipline over a waterfall and river, returning on foot via an 80' suspension bridge. State-of-the-art equipment and procedures make for a 100% safe and exhilarating extreme experience. Others will be content to continue relaxing at your picnic benches in this pristine setting.

A little later you'll continue along the forest trail through the exotic foliage to Kipu Falls. The more adventurous types will be jumping into swimming holes at the base of waterfalls and swinging on ropes tied to tree branches high above mountain pools. Others will simply relax and enjoy the quiet beauty!

From here cruise by covered wagon again to a jungle trail, and then walk back to your kayaks at the river. Only this time, for your downriver return trip, you don't need to bother paddling your kayak for two miles into strong headwinds. That's because you can kick back and soak up the sun and scenery on a large, double-hulled Hawaiian Canoe with plenty of comfortable seating. It's powered by a small, quiet 4-stroke outboard motor that allows you a nice and slow, relaxing ride down the river, towing your empty kayak behind while taking in the beautiful sights all around you. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

The Hidden Valley Falls Kayak Adventure
Enjoy a delightful two mile downwind paddle on the Huleia jungle stream. You'll paddle past the Menehune Fishpond, which is a living archaeological site and an example of the ancient fishing and aquiculture methods still utilized today. And you can't miss the Haupu Mountain Range, a dramatic 2000 foot shield volcano that looms over the river. Your destination is a series of 3 pool-drop waterfalls with a swimming hole known as Hidden Falls.

When the river gets shallow, you'll tie your kayak to a tree and set out on a 3/4-mile nature walk through a pristine tropical rain forest containing many different plants, birds, and aquatic life. Stop along the way at swimming holes with rope swings and finally reach your destination--Hidden Valley Falls, an enchanting series of waterfalls cascading over black lava rock. Have some snacks and cold drinks, enjoy the scenery for a while, and then head back down to the river and your kayaks. Only this time, rather than paddling your kayak into a stiff wind, you'll be picked up in a twin-hulled powered Hawaiian canoe for the return trip. Some say it's cheating not to paddle all the way back upstream, but after a long enjoyable day of adventure, you'll won't care.

For more info or to book an adventure, call toll free 1.800.427.5996 or email info@kauaivacationhelpers.com

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