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SCUBA divers

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SCUBA Diving

Kauai offers a wide range of SCUBA diving experiences. Several well established companies with loads of experience offer introductory, shore and boat dives.

Introductory Diving (Resort Dives)
Several companies offer daily free introductory pool scuba lessons and refresher courses. The pools at several resorts are used for this purpose. This is the perfect opportunity to experience SCUBA for the first time or brush up on those "forgotten" diving skills. You do not have to be certified to enjoy the pleasure of the underwater world of Kauai. A quick lesson in a pool is all it takes to teach people the basic skills needed to join beautiful tropical fish and the Hawaiian green sea turtles under the supervision of one of a professional dive instructor. It's a step toward becoming a certified Open Water diver. A pool lesson is required for all non-certified divers and recommended for the "rusty" certified diver.

Each class begins with a brief discussion that highlights the limitations of non-certified diving and demonstrates basic introductory skills. Then it's under the water you go! Your chance to experience breathing under water as you practice skills.

If you enjoy the introductory scuba diving class and feel comfortable with the experience, you can graduate from the pool to the ocean for a guided tour. From either the shore or from a boat, the door to the underwater world opens as you experience weightlessness as you see for yourself lava and coral architecture, as you swim with the inhabitants of the sea.

Shore Diving
An underwater tour of Koloa Landing is one of Kauai's best shore dives. The two-dive program is ideal for this site because the first dive can be made to the west, while the second dive can be done to the east side of the site. Kaua'i was recently rated in the Top 3 Shore Diving and Top 4 Beginning Diving in the Pacific and Indian Oceans by Rodale's Scuba Diving magazine, we're sure you'll enjoy the beautiful underwater world Koloa Landing has to offer. Non-certified divers will require a free morning pool lesson. This site is recommended for rusty divers as well.

Boat Dives
For non-certified and certified divers, several companies offer boat dives. There are morning and afternoon cruises as well as are night charters. One company offers divers the option to upgrade from air tanks to Nitrox.

Kauai scuba diving boat charters on the south shore of the island, as well as Niihau charters, are one company's specialty. All dives are computer assisted. Dive computers are provided for those who do not have one. Top-of-the-line rental equipment is available (BCD's, Regulators, Wetsuits, Underwater cameras—ScubaPro, Oceanic, Mares, Sea & Sea and more!)

You'll be on board a 48-foot custom Pro48 craft certified for 30-divers; however, the boat is limited to 15 divers for your comfort. Within minutes of beginning your dive, you?ll be swimming among turtles, eels and possibly Pacific spinner dolphins on the south shore of Kaua'i. All dives are lead by Dive masters or Instructors. The dives are done in group teams so single divers are welcomed. Dive teams are limited to 7 divers or less.

A featured dive site is the Sheraton Caverns, receiving a Top 5 rating as Best Cavern diving in the world. The caverns are ancient blown-out lava tubes of gorgeous archways, sleeping turtles, and an abundance of Hawaiian reef fish. The depth ranges from 35' to 65' making this a great dive for either an AM or PM charter.

There are plenty of dive sites to choose from along the South Shore. Dive sites are chosen daily based on the conditions of the water. In order to cater to repeat divers, a new deep dive site is offered each day and a discount for repeat charters is provided.

For the experienced diver, the summer Ni'ihau trip has proven to be one of Hawaii's best. This 3-tank dive adventure is an all day event. Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided.

Certification Courses
There are also many different dive certification courses available, including:

Open Water, Full Certification
Referral Dives-4 Open Water
Referral Dives-2 Open Water
Advanced Certification-5 Dives (2 boat, 3 shore)
Rescue Certification
Nitrox Certification

These courses are great for those who plan on spending the majority of their week diving.

Other Dives
There is a dive company that only takes certified divers and offers a challenging menu of dive options. Want to dive but those with you don't? There is also a company offering boating excursions to the Napali Coast and Niihau which allows you to dive during the snorkel portion of the trip for a nominal extra fee.

For more info or to book an adventure, call toll free 1.800.427.5996 or email info@kauaivacationhelpers.com

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