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Sea urchin

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Because Kauai is the oldest island in the chain of Hawaiian Islands, reefs are closer to shore, making what we can "walk-in snorkeling" something easy to do from shore! You can either rent snorkel gear or take a guided tour. Best way to go is to do both. First go on the guided snorkel tour early in your stay, then rent gear for the rest of your stay and snorkel with new found confidence. In addition to the guided snorkel tour mentioned below, there are also many different boat cruises that offer snorkeling and a picnic lunch.

Guided Snorkel Tours
Your guided snorkel tour includes use of professional quality equipment. Silicone masks and US Divers, impulse snorkels make for comfortable, easy breathing. When we book your tour, we will ask for your height, weight and shoe size. This is so the right equipment is packed in your personalized equipment bag along with a wetsuit. Optical masks are available for those who need corrective lenses.

Kauai's waters average around 77 degrees Fahrenheit year round so you may wonder why a wetsuit is included in the guided snorkel tour:

Flotation — Wetsuits provide some flotation that is just enough to make a beginner feel more at ease. (Weight belts are available for those who want more adventure).

Comfort—77 degrees is still far from 98.6 degrees, so if you want to stay in the water for a considerable amount of time, the wetsuit makes it easy.

Sunburn Protection—One of the greatest hazards to snorkeling is the sunburn on your back when snorkeling without protection. Your wetsuit protects your back from that ever present sun.

Identity—Your wetsuit helps tour leaders identify you easily.

Look Good!—Because a wetsuit is much like an all-over girdle you look great!
Depending on your location and the surf conditions that day, you will meet up with an air conditioned van. Once at the snorkel site selected for that day, you will be introduced to your equipment and how to use it. Plenty of time is taken just for getting acquainted with your gear and the site you will be snorkeling. You will learn what to expect to see and how to avoid damaging the environment.

Your tour leaders will be showing you various marine life, finding those hard-to-find animals with their knowledge and experience. Your leaders will also be shooting video of your experience. Still worried? Relax, tour assistants have large soft surf boards with handles around the edges, just grab onto a handle and enjoy the tow and the scenery for the rest of your tour!

A hearty snack and beverages are provided because snorkeling makes you hungry!

Most sites allow for a second, more advanced snorkel which you can decide if you are up to at the time. Here you see a great variety of species and a chance to see the Pacific Green Sea Turtle.

Back in the van, enjoy the video of your underwater adventure and a memorable day. Great for all ages 5 years and up!

Great Snorkel Spots On Kauai

Always check ocean conditions before snorkeling. Check with life guards or locals in the know before choosing a snorkel spot.

There are plenty of choices on renting snorkel gear on the island, so you don?t need to pack any equipment in your suitcase. Check with us on the options that are closest to your accommodations.

Lydgate State Park—This beach has a man made lava rock wall that forms a pool. Although not our best snorkel spot on the island, it is a great place for beginners. This would be your next step after trying out your gear in a pool. Because of the protection of the rock wall, this location is great year round.

Poipu Beach Park—This beach has a sand bar which divides the beach into two swimming spots. When facing the ocean go to the right and snorkel along the reef there. Poipu Beach provides a nice sandy entrance, making entry and exit very easy.

Watch for currents when snorkeling here, you may get further from the shore than you want if you don?t check your location often. This South Shore location is best for snorkeling in the Winter months.

Lawai Beach—located by the Beach House Restaurant on Lawa?i Road in Poipu the reef is approximately 50 yards from shore. Water depth inside the reef is around 8 to 10 feet. Nice variety of species including, butterfly fishes, tangs and surgeon fishes, wrasses and puffers. This South Shore location is best for snorkeling in the Winter months.

Tunnels—Makua also known as Tunnels is located on the North Shore with Bali Hai as a backdrop. This gorgeous beach has an inner volcanic reef with a large shallow area that leads out to a drop off. Depth varies from 3 feet to 60 feet. There are lava tubes and underwater caves which create habitat for a variety of marine life. There are only a few places where you can head for shore without getting into very shallow water, so be sure to locate the entry/exit point before you head out. This North Shore location is best for snorkeling in the summer months.

Tips for Snorkeling

For more info or to book an adventure, call toll free 1.800.427.5996 or email info@kauaivacationhelpers.com

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