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Wailua Falls Tour

Going on a helicopter tour early in your stay is an excellent way to orient yourself to the amazing diversity of Kauai from the rainy north shore to sunny Poipu and beyond to the arid West Side. Kauai is one of the most scenic islands in the world, yet a large portion of the island is inaccessible by car due to the rugged terrain. That is why the true hidden beauty of Kauai can only be revealed from the air...
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"Your recommendation for our Napali Coast boat trip was absolutely the best. Majestic sights!" Ellie and Bob, Clearwater, Florida

"We think we did it all . We hiked the NaPali coast, snorkeled, took a chopper ride (unbelievable), cruised along the Na Pali Coast (saw sea turtles, whales and tons of dolphins-not to mention all the wonderful flowing waterfalls) and hiked the Waimea Canyon. Kim was really great in helping plan our time here." Ken and Tamera -Columbus, Ohio

"Blue Dolphin boat trip-VERY friendly crew, great chance to see the island. We saw tons of spinning dolphins! Surf lessons with Charlie-a must must." Atosa and Liz, Newport Beach, California

"It is hard to say what our favorite thing or spot is on Kauai! We fell in love with many of the sights - Waimea Canyon and our helicopter ride the first day, which was a great way to see the island and get our bearings." Katie and Joe Rossmann, Fairfax, Virginia

"We love the Kauai Backcountry Adventures mountain tubing tour - it's a great company with an incredibly friendly staff." Honeymooners, Heidi and Scott Davis, California

"Kauai Adventure Trek thru Kauai Aloha Tours is a great thing to do!" Rachelle and Roy Vogler, San Jose, California

"We had great experiences with the ATV, Na Pali trip and Luau you arranged! Being able to see whales in the horizon and sea turtles catching waves with us was unforgettable!" The Altons, Santa Rosa, California

"Our favorite activities were the helicopter tour of the island, which was awesome! Also the sunset boat tour to Napali is incredible! And kayaking up the Huleia River was unforgettable." Anne and Chuck, Las Vegas, Nevada

For more info or to book an adventure, call toll free 1.800.427.5996 or email info@kauaivacationhelpers.com

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