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Zip Line Adventure

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Zip Line-Wheeeee

If you are looking for the grand daddy of all the outdoor hike, kayak adventures don't miss Zip lining. There are three ways to zip on Kauai:
  1. Do Zip lining in one location as an optional part of a three hour adventure
  2. Same adventure as above but strictly zipping the entire time
  3. Enjoy a zip line course
1. Zip Line Adventure with hiking and swimming
If you'd like to have the combination of hiking and swimming with your Zip lining, then this adventure is for you. A trail through the jungle leads you to the jumping off point. You'll be in steep terrain with a 150 foot waterfall on one side of you and a slow moving wide tropical stream on the other. The steep terrain makes for a great ground level launching platform based around a huge Banyan tree with a 30 foot diameter trunk. You'll soar through the forest canopy at speeds up to 35 mph as the tropical scenery flashes by beneath you.

For this adventure you'll be known as a Zipper and be equipped with mountain climbing harnesses and helmets and walk through dense foliage to arrive at your take-off area. Your guide will review an equipment checklist and attach a tether from the your harness to a two-wheeled trolley that rides on the zip cable.

The gate opens, you take a giant step and in an instant all your worldly cares are forgotten You'll be hooting and hollering as you sail past rivers and streams below. Then it's back to the starting point via a foot trail to do it all over again. A short hike through the jungle to gorgeous Kipu Falls is all you'll need to enjoy swimming at a large swimming hole, with a rope swing for the more adventuresome. Or you can choose to relax by the water and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

2. Zipline your brains out
You can also book just the zip line portion of the above tour.

3. Enjoy a Zip Line Course
Patterned after the zip line courses in Costa Rica, this north shore course allows you to opportunity of Zip lining many different locations during the course of your adventure. In between zipping, you'll hike through beautiful terrain.

Zip line tours are unique, offering fun for the whole family (we're talking about QUALITY TIME here!!).

For more info or to book an adventure, call toll free 1.800.427.5996 or email info@kauaivacationhelpers.com

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